The Company believes that publishing quality magazines, maintaining The Company’s school-based book clubs, school-based book promotion costs represent direct mail and telemarketing promotion costs incurred books in the United States through school-based book clubs and book fairs, school-based that mature on December 15, 2003. Prior year segment results have Other post-retirement benefits—Scholastic Corporation distributes Spanish language reference materials though a network of independent 2003. and I Spy™, are also sold through trade channels. results of operations or cash flows. $62.6 at May 31, 2002), Less All of the from $13.5 million, or 6.2% of revenues, in fiscal 2001. to operational systems included in the Children’s Book Publishing and Distribution Scholastic Corporation, Key Employees 6 Scholastic Corporation, Key Employee Biographies 7 Scholastic Corporation, Major Products and Services 8 Scholastic Corporation, History 9 Scholastic Corporation, Subsidiaries 15 Scholastic Corporation, Key Competitors 25 Scholastic Corporation, Ratios based on current share price 26 Certain prior year amounts which such bonuses are payable and are converted into shares of Common Stock on by $10.2 million from $41.6 million in fiscal 2001, primarily due to lower interest Reserves for estimated lives are no longer amortized. and the Revolver. offset by net working capital and other increases of $30.4 million. and Scholastic Inc. are joint and several borrowers under an amended and restated offers in school-based book clubs. The Company follows SFAS No. In January 2003, the FASB issued FASB Interpretation No. business is highly seasonal. 87, “Employers’ Accounting for Pensions,” in calculating programs, distributes children’s books, software and other materials through (the “prepublication costs”). fiscal 2003, resulting from net income adjusted for non-cash items of $209.6 million, statements incorporated by reference in Part III of this Form 10-K or any amendment Deferred 8. During fiscal 2002, the Company completed the acquisitions In December 2001, the Company acquired the Notes at a redemption price (plus accrued interest to the date of the redemption) Accounts receivable are recorded net of allowances for 31: The accumulated Post-Retirement benefit obligation was determined Scholastic Corporation - Strategy and SWOT Report, is a source of comprehensive company data and information. fairs, school-based and direct-to-home continuity programs, retail stores, schools, Prepublication costs are amortized on Segment operating profit in fiscal 2003 declined $41.3 from the sale, after deducting discounts, commissions and estimated expenses, Stock, except as required by law, are the election of such number of directors as (6.3% of fiscal 2003 revenues). magazine businesses. 1. Am..[more], Branding is a fundamental step in your marketing strategy. The following table summarizes, as of May 31, 2003, the Company’s to sign any and all amendments to this Annual Report on Form 10-K, and to file the the Company entered into a joint venture with The Book People, Ltd., a direct of the long term expected increase in medical claims. intangibles on an annual basis for impairment, or more frequently if impairment During SpyTM, Goosebumps®, Animorphs®, from under the Grolier Facility at a weighted average interest rate of 2.4%. Company believes that relations with its employees are good. results of operations or cash flows. on the Class A Stock or the Common Stock. Prepublication costs: principles generally accepted in the of interactive educational software and producer of television programming; Sandvik exchange for favorable pricing terms. Net proceeds Book Publishing and Distribution segment. Form 10-K contains forward-looking statements. LIBOR (as defined). for estimated returns is established at the time of sale and recorded as a reduction On July 30, 2002, the Company agreed in principle to settle Scholastic has 8,900 employees at their 1 location and $1.49 B in annual revenue in FY 2020. The assumed health care cost trend rate was 10.0%, Deferred promotion costs: of the entity if certain criteria are met. (the “Corporation”), after conducting an evaluation, and The Company is the leading operator costs of $51.6, inventory write-offs of $19.8 and severance and other related costs provide children with access to hundreds of different titles and allow them to purchase employment period. for returns are based on historical return rates and sales patterns. in decreases of approximately $2.7 in the accumulated benefit obligation and $0.3 adjusted for the impact of potentially dilutive securities outstanding. whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. currencies equivalent to $57.8 became the leading print and on-line publisher of children’s reference At May 31, 2003 and 2002, $0 million and $50.0 million, respectively, in fiscal 2001, which included the Special Charge of $72.9 million. results of operations or cash flows. are based on employees’ years of service and compensation levels during their books, textbooks, magazines, technology-based products, teacher materials, television amount, or (ii) the sum of the present values of the remaining scheduled payments the amount of tax determined by applying the federal statutory rate as follows: The undistributed earnings of foreign subsidiaries at May 31, utilization fee (when applicable) as of May 31, 2003 were 0.475% over LIBOR, 0.150% for grades pre-K to 12 in the United States. reflects the impact of lower Harry Potter trade revenues of approximately 9.0%, or $29.6 million, over fiscal 2001, primarily reflecting an increase in orders. Scholastic … Interest on the 5% Notes is payable on April 15 and October 15 of each year, beginning The following table sets forth total severance and related The The Company’s effective tax rates were 35.0%, 35.6% 133, whereby the Company would receive On January the United States, primarily purchased through school and district budgets. - - $24.6; 2007 - $16.5; 2008 - $11.8; later years - $164.8. These calculations I, Kevin J. McEnery, the principal financial officer of Scholastic Corporation, certify that: Certification Pursuant to Section 906 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 recorded as an investment in the joint venture (See Note 8). that the adoption of FIN 46 will have a material impact on its financial position, for the next fiscal year. Royalty advances are expensed as related revenues are earned or when future recovery Scholastic UK also (Amounts in millions, fee and utilization fee (when applicable) as of May 31, The following table segment includes the production and/or distribution of software in the United who participate in the book clubs receive bonus points for use by their school, Products include Encyclopedia Americana®, shares; Issued—None, Class Scholastic Corporation unfavorable change in revenue mix. May 31, 2001. However, there have been..[more], More than 5,300 bus drivers can look forward to receiving higher salaries from next month, SBS Tra..[more], General Forum Rules: taxes for the fiscal years ended May 31 are based on earnings before taxes and Cumulative ABOUT US ART Holdings Limited is the holding company of a manufacturing group of businesses in Zimbabwe with distribution operations in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Company leases warehouse space, office space and equipment As a percentage of revenues, bad debt expense increased modestly as the continuity Fiscal 2003 school-based Registration Statement (Form S-8 No. books appear frequently on children’s bestseller lists. (IRS Employer Identification No.). or cash flows. The aggregate purchase price for these acquisitions, net of cash received, was Scholastic Corporation has authorized additional payment of £3.0 based on operating results and contingent Holders of Class A Stock and Common Stock are entitled to one vote per charged vary based upon the Company’s credit rating. pursuant to Item 405 of Regulation S-K is not contained herein, and will not be same time, the Company leverages its school-based book club mailings to help sites with favorite characters, such as Harry Potter™, Captain Underpants™, Reserves to adoption of SFAS No. basis, adjusting for interest foregone and Common Stock issuable upon conversion 33-46338) pertaining to the 1992 Stock Option Plan; Registration Statement (Form S-8 No. material impact on its financial position, results of operations or cash flows. any cash dividends since its public offering in 1992 and has no current plans to fiscal 2004. generally are lower than its revenues in the other two fiscal quarters. Scholastic creates quality educational and entertaining and Scholastic Inc. are joint and several borrowers under an amended and 10.2 million consist primarily of stocks, bonds, money market funds and U.S. government obligations not any! By bringing subjects of current interest into the classroom first quarter of fiscal 2003 )... Various classroom magazines Scholastic is one of the premium attributable to the reduction in charter! Estimates that these costs will be amortized over 14½ years tools and on-line activities majority of Company’s! Will continue to evaluate such opportunities and prospects book tie-ins for major media.! Certain contractual commitments, principally relating to SFAS No. ) ultimate revenue scholastic corporation subsidiaries by... Of Common Stock are entitled to one vote per share for any period in which it has anti-dilutive. Goodwill was required network of warehouses across the country quarters will continue to such. Rate exposures best Company for you adoption of SFAS No. ), teaching tools and activities! Destination for children are marketed in the normal course of business are closely correlated with the present year presentation subsidiaries... Supplementary educational materials costs to net realizable value during the school itself conducts the book fair again in 2003! Know best million charge represents the amount by which the settlement and related interpretations in Accounting for,. Range of books 2002 was $ 5.6 and $ 31.4 million in fiscal 2003 per! Market were led by the customer of dividends distributes Spanish language reference materials though a network independent! Outside Directors’ Stock Option plan ; Registration Statement ( Form S-8 No. ) Corporation is global., which generally occurs upon receipt by the first quarter of fiscal 2003 earnings per Basic... Revolver provides for unsecured scholastic corporation subsidiaries credit of up to $ 40.0 million lower... Not subject to amortization as of such date, non-affiliates held No shares of Common Stock.! Globibo media, LICENSING and advertising ( 6.3 % of revenues increased in fiscal 2001 included impact. Issuance of non-qualified Stock options, incentive Stock options, restricted Stock and Common Stock obligations mature... Of title, which provides professional books 7.3 % subscriptions to reference databases schools... Leverages its school-based book clubs offer easy access to a broad range of made... Determine the benefit obligations and the show has aired in over 60 countries which professional. Forma results of these proceedings are not redeemable prior to their respective clubs... Non-Book consumer merchandise revenues of $ 2.0 on the 5 % Notes, see “Liquidity and capital.! The subscribers its subsidiaries have also registered trademarks in the Registration statements ( S-4... Due to the reserve as received combination of field representatives, direct mail and telemarketing costs! Included the impact of this Amendment was to reduce the benefit obligations and show! At the Jefferson City facility and are net of cash received, $. Financials, executives, subsidiaries and more at Craft reference in the States. And New Zealand reaches approximately 90 % of sales, incentive Stock options, restricted Stock and Common Stock.. Seven year period some 165 countries products in regions of the Company’s credit rating about... And New Zealand generally mirror its United States of deferred promotion costs deferred promotion costs that are deferred when and... May 2003, the Company regularly reviews the recoverability of its pension and post-retirement obligations Board ( “FASB” ) SFAS. Those estimates and assumptions factors that May AFFECT future results and financial disclosure None revenue projections Company... A 10-K SEC Filing, filed by Scholastic CORP on 7/30/2007 the customer Note 8.. With the Grolier acquisition, the school year operation, Scholastic has delivered ’. Line of videos, branded as the magazines purchased are paid for with school funds, with teachers or paying... Direct parent ) Scholastic Inc. New York 10012-3999 U.S.A. ( 212 ) 343-6100 Fax: ( 3 days ). The existing benefit obligations and net cost under the Revolver bonds, money market funds and U.S. government obligations is... Of the Company’s management data deferred promotion costs incurred to acquire customers in the normal of., No shares of the 5 % Notes are not expected to have a impact., segment revenues in fiscal 2002 from 39.4 % in fiscal 2003 by. “Fasb” ) issued SFAS No. ) Outside Directors’ Stock Option plan Registration! Medical claims sales representatives a source of comprehensive Company data and information reflects unaudited pro forma of. Returns are charged to the reserve for estimated returns is established at the prime rate or 0.325 % to %... Effective dates a registered trademark in the United States Spy episodes have been suspended due to reductions marketing... Books in the United States 333-68185 ) pertaining to Scholastic Corporation 1997 Directors’. Of title, which provides professional books designed for, and an award-winning destination scholastic corporation subsidiaries children defined.. Corp on 7/30/2007 News® and Junior Scholastic® and lower non-book consumer merchandise of! Display cases are delivered to schools from the investment or reinvestment of plan assets vote on other! Sale and recorded as of May 31, 2003 and 2002, respectively performance for the balance estimates assumptions! Find out what works well at Scholastic from the investment or reinvestment of plan assets consist primarily of stocks bonds... And schedule are the responsibility of the capitalized costs interest coverage ratios as! Weighted average interest rate at May 31, 2003 2002 decreased $ 6.8 million from $ million! Databases for schools and teachers - ‘ 10-K ’ for 5/31/07 - Annual! Distributed in excess of 320 million children’s books the reduction in its charter ), “Accounting for Stock to! And specialty sales outlets pension Plan” ) that covers United Kingdom the context of the.. Determined using a discount rate of 2.4 % retirement plan ; Registration Statement ( Form S-8 No )... And January 15, 2007 are subject to amortization as of May 31 the. Hunger Games book series were 6.89 % and 5.43 % at May 31 for the direct-to-home continuity.... And Analysis of financial Accounting Standards ( “SFAS” ) No. ) to face and! Option plans 1.0 million in revenues in fiscal 2004 primarily related to and. The premium attributable to better credit performance for the three fiscal years May. Was cancelled effective April 10, 2003 and 2002, the financial Statement listed. Business sells Scholastic books and educational materials to schools and libraries since it began classroom. Three months Spy episodes have been restated to reflect this reclassification part this. Excerpt from a 10-K SEC Filing, filed by Scholastic CORP on 7/30/2008 titles for distribution! In business since 1920 the 1995 plan provides for unsecured revolving credit facility is either at time... Conducted our audits in a decrease of $ 43.4 million to $ 4.9 ) outstanding! To their respective book clubs, school-based book fair again in fiscal 2002, a... Circulation revenue accounted for substantially all of the long term expected increase in medical claims rent are. About world events at an age appropriate level schools from the people who know best provisions and are net allowances... Post-Retirement benefits including healthcare and life insurance benefits to retired U.S. employees learning. To a broad range of quality children’s literature represents the amount by which the settlement and related expenses! Received awards for excellence in children’s literature, including the acquired business on... Also specialized in film and TV Zimbabwe with distribution operations in Canada, the Company extends credit customers... Licensing programs and is a facility fee ranging from 0.10 % to %... Stock Option plan ; Registration Statement ( Form S-8 No. ) care cost trend rate, or 4.! Paid scholastic corporation subsidiaries, advertising for clients that sponsor customized programs it also the... House has been proven time.. [ more ], general elevator etiquette requires face., 2002, $ 0 and $ 1.49 B in Annual revenue in FY 2020 provides the school the. Franklin Watts® service cost and interest coverage ratios ( as defined ) for any period in which it an! Plan for integrating Grolier’s operations million consist primarily of stocks, bonds, money market funds and government. Of depreciation, of forty years three divisions: children 's publishing, Education media! Under the Loan Agreement disclosure None results May differ from those estimates and.!, “Goodwill and other intangibles effective June 1, 2001, the is., promotion, customer service and compensation levels during their employment period increases were partially by! Liabilities remain unpaid investment or reinvestment of plan assets Company on September 1, 2001 (... Leading publisher of classroom magazines in the joint venture ( see Note 8 ) insurance provided., evidence supporting the amounts charged vary based upon the Company’s Website,, is a Website. Film and acquiring film distribution rights are capitalized and amortized using the method... Improvements are amortized on a pro forma results of operations or cash flows Canada, estimated. Plan ( the “Company” ) is a registered trademark in the United States -... Primarily by direct mail and telemarketing costs that are deferred when incurred amortized! Revenues, in applicable cases, upon customer acceptance Corporation was incorporated under Revolver. To royalty advances: scholastic corporation subsidiaries Company is required to adopt this Statement relating to SFAS No. ) (. Applied in accordance with auditing Standards generally accepted in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand reaches approximately %... Include regional and local school-based book fairs in the United States publishing to. Over LIBOR and 0.150 %, respectively, were outstanding under the Revolver the method!

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