Prime Minister Goo joins Prince Buyeong for coffee. She tells Lee Gon that the father of one of his military colleagues died and the service is today. She cares about the money. Shin Jae grabs her shoulder and pleads. Lee Gon looks at the picture of Prince Buyeong, his wife and a young Lee Gon. She claims the king owes her one. © 2021 TheReviewGeek. Really good. Daniel Hart 0. Tae Eul and Shin Jae review video footage of the convenience store. I felt how hard it was for Shin Jae to allow his mother to be arrested, and listen to her pleas as he walked away. Tae Eul couldn’t deny the truth and stared into Lee Gon’s eyes. She smacks him. He asks how she lost the old badge. Officer Yoon calls to inform her the money she gave her for analysis is legit – the paper, the ink, the tech, etc. Lee Gon visits Prince Buyeong. Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart. He believes time portal is being used. She throws the cleaning towel at him. 2019… Kingdom of Corea…. Lee Gon wasn’t lying. The King: Eternal Monarch finale is an incredible ending and while some fans will have questions, it provides a majestic conclusion to a deep story. Detective Jang shuts down the gaming by walking on the table and trying to get photos of everyone’s averted faces. They are looking at the palace across the water. It was swoon worthy when he lifted her to Maximus and seated himself behind her. For example, when Lee Gon crossed the portal, Tae-eul saw Luna. ( Log Out /  Lee Rim remembers when that happened the past. He kept telling them, which I appreciated. She claims might have been when they fought the thug together. She questions him about the ID card, and he tells her exactly what she was wearing the day of the photo. After one episode it’s fair to say The King: Eternal Monarch is good. The King: Eternal Monarch: Episode 15 by quirkycase. Little does he know Tae Eul is in the library too. Tags: dramacool The King: Eternal Monarch, Most Popular, The King: Eternal Monarch kdrama. Tae Eul asks Head Detective Park Moon Shik to give her more time to investigate the murder. Lee Gon tells Tae Eul in her world he’s Eun Sub and Jo Young in this world. Could the realities be breaking down thanks to these constant jumps? Meanwhile, a little boy on a bike knocks Tae-Eul’s ID out of her hands and it falls down the drain. Thankfully, she manages to track down a lead and arrests Kim Su-Jin after finding a red wallet up for sale online. She missed Lee Gon. 2019… Republic of Korea…, Jo Eun Sub (Woo Do Hwan) drops the iced coffee drink Myung Na Ri (Kim Yong Ji) has just made for him. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. 2019… Republic of Korea…. Are staying safe and I'll … He takes her hand and leads her to Maximus. Lee Gon says not long ago. Tae Eul asks if it will be November 11. Lee Gon playfully retorts that’s an old-fashioned view. Visually impressive and rather complex, The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 1 gets off to an impressive start, introducing us to parallel worlds. She bursts into the room and sees him standing with Jo-Young, who found him earlier in the words. 2019… Kingdom of Corea…, Prince Geum Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) (Lee Gon’s uncle) stares at the capital of Corea, Busan with his minion. He tells a young Lee Gon only the king can own and weld this sword. Then his mother comes in. Shin Jae tells the police to arrest everyone. But Jo Young couldn’t deny what he saw when the shoulder lit up during the lightening storm. The loss of the badge put her on edge. The timing was perfect. Head Detective Park gives them 2 weeks. Thanks to him holding part of the flute he’s immune to its effects. He uncovers the empty case of the magic flute. There’s lots of unanswered questions hanging over this one but right now the show is certainly building up a nice layer of questions for the season ahead. It certainly looks that way but it doesn’t explain what happened to Jo-Young and Eun-Seop and their inexplicably linked senses. Thanks! kjt – I have a personal question – I can’t believe I’ve never asked you this before – can you tell me what country you’re from? Lee Gon retrieved the 4-tiger sword. The secretary and Jo Young are startled. He is standing with his right hand man. She is brusque with her critique. Prince Buyeong won’t admit the king was away. Detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) was unnerved when her badge was issued on November 11. Tae Eul looks at the issue date, November 11. Lee Gon suggests she come with him to his world. They can’t believe Lee Gon isn’t alone. Hello, There! Two Worlds, One Purpose. Tags: Jung Eun-chae, Kim Go-eun, Kim Kyung-nam, Lee Jung-jin, Lee Min-ho, The King: Eternal Monarch, Woo Do-hwan She thinks of him. Do you know the song at end of ep4? I’m so dumb – I got your list confused with Kangirl’s list. At the gaming house, it is in full swing with plenty of people. Lee Gon knows he’s teasing. Shin Jae demands his mother provide the address. She stares into his face. Tae Eul walks along the sidewalk where Lee Gon came to rescue her when her car broke down. The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 11 Recap 2019…Kingdom of Corea… While driving her motorcycle Luna (Kim Go Eun) notices she’s being followed and speeds up. He exclaims it is hot. Jo Young doesn’t understand. On the shores of Busan, Rim witnesses time pause. He suggests she pick a jacket from the rack. Major sacrifices will have to be made to save the worlds and restore balance, and our hero is prepared to do whatever it takes. She was receptive to the possibility. Lee Gon realizes that Tae Eul lost her badge and had to get a new one. Then it was evident. ©, 2014-2021, All Rights Reserved. Prince Buyeong urges him to marry and produce an heir. The King: Eternal Monarch episode 1 recap and breakdown Well, there's a lot to talk about. The inevitable romance between Tae-Eul and Lee Gon is starting to actually take shape now and with Tae-Eul in Corea and seeing the King in his natural surroundings, what will this mean for our steely detective? He locks the front door. 2019… Kingdom of Corea…. She hangs up. Court Lady Noh Ok Nam claims the king is in his study. She’s hit by a car. He urges Maximus forward. Annyeonghaseyo. EPISODE 4. Prime Minister Goo Seo Ryung didn’t have much of a chance with Gon before, now … NO CHANCE❣ Will she stsy on Team Gon or switch to Team Rim❓⁉️. He notes disparity between the classes will always be. She tells her son that he approached her and claimed to be a builder. Time stops. Tae Eul says he went home. The time portal appears. He comments that the King doesn’t have a… As they stared into each other’s eyes on the other side, I was thrilled. He develops a picture of Prince Buyeong. Lee Gon says he is the king of Corea and his name is Lee Gon. That spurred Lee Gon to return to Tae Eul. Lee Gon says he knows someone prettier. All Rights Reserved. Tae Eul won’t confirm that. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Tae Eul comes up and asks who the woman was. Court Lady Noh laments the expense of the buttons. Prince Geum Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) (Lee Gon’s uncle) knows Lee Gon is ready for the next step. She secretary and Jo Young look at each other. Lee Gon shares that he rows, loves science, is an orphan that owns the 4-tiger sword. Although confusing to begin with as we jump between the different timelines, The King: Eternal Monarch does a wonderful job setting the scene for the season to come and doing so with enough wit, charisma and intrigue to keep you coming back for more. Shin Jae puts her new badge on her desk. She asks about her hair. At Tae Eul’s house, Tae Eul finds Lee Gon and Maximus waiting. 2019… Republic of Korea… Could it be that the time freezes are linked to the moment they jump to the other side? She gives Lee Gon the black tie to wear. There was that melodious violin playing in the background and I can’t find the name of this song. That was a difficult decision, but I think necessary to get his mom on the right road … and for his career. They argue. This character is low key now. Following last week’s dramatic episode, The King: Eternal Monarch cranks up the tension again as we see more of Lee Gon’s journey toward understanding the time jumps and what that means for the fate of both Corea and Korea. She starts to drive away. It seems that every time the Mampasikjeok crosses the portal, whether it be with Lee Gon or Lee Lim, the worlds somehow overlap with each other and the doppelgangers see or sense each other. Lee Gon tells her firmly, he is indebted to no one. She spies his buttonless jacket. The stakes are raising, as is the body count, thanks to our resident schemer. Prime Minister Goo points out his security level was raised when the king went into his study. They tracked the man and the white horse into the bamboo forest but there was no additional sighting. Eun Sub insists the drink was hot. He uncovers the 4-tiger sword. Emotional scene. He was a true knight, nope king, on a white horse. Lee Gon says it was a navy jacket. He remembers the moments. He plays her an unfavorable interview from the sexist cabinet guy who is upset at his salary freeze. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. He says he’s repaid his debts, seen her, so he should go. Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart. 4.5. 2019… Kingdom of Corea…, Lee Gon finishes up paperwork for the night. Detective Gang Shin Jae (Kim Kyung Nam) has a mother with a gambling addiction. It begins to rain. Tae Eul and Shin Jae continued to investigate Lee Sang Do’s murder. Tae Eul turns in the paperwork for a new badge. Tae Eul opens her eyes. Episode 4 of The King: Eternal Monarch begins in the Kingdom of Corea as Lee Lim experiences the time freezes first-hand. ( Log Out /  He thanks Lee Gon for the kind words. ( Log Out /  Lee Lim turns around and walks away. Koo Seo-ryung, the youngest and first female prime minister of the Kingdom… Court Lady Noh takes a small stuff animal, a chicken eatery punch card, and a book of poems out of the pockets of Lee Gon’s buttonless jacket. She’s surprised that the recording is a news report. The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 4 Recap 2019… Kingdom of Corea… Prince Geum Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) (Lee Gon’s uncle) stares at the capital of Corea, Busan with his minion. He says the processor apologized that it got lost in the shuffle. Lee Rim stands on the rocks at the coast and overlooks the sea. Tae Eul notes that he didn’t know his name yet returned to his world. When My Love Blooms Episode 1 Recap. He lifts her onto the saddle and mounts behind her. Prime Minister Goo finds photos of the married man in the arms of another woman. It gives me hope, Kim Eun Sook dramas do start slow sometimes but they pick up, it looks like its about to. She wonders if he’s loyal to the king. The King Eternal Monarch- Episode 4 Recap. She does it for herself. Tae-eul and Lee Gon in the bamboo forest in 'The King: Eternal Monarch' episode 4. She runs out. Time stops, Lee Gon counts the number of seconds. Shin Jae asks how she’s managed so long without a badge. Lee Lim starts to figure out that his nephew can jump through time while Lee Gon himself faces the past and looks upon the place his Father was killed – in particular the sword that lies there. They are starting to blossom. Is he the masked man that saves Lee Gon as a little boy? Lee Gon says he was solving a complex puzzle. Detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) can’t stop thinking about Lee Gon. Security guards arrive lead by Jo Young. Netflix, TV Recaps. Lee Rim says his counterpart in the parallel world told him to give him this book in the other world. Prince Buyeong assures him that is an absurd question. Quite where this one goes next though, remains to be seen. The woman says if he needs her help again to call her. Tae Eul calls back. She shares that as a young girl the police shows interested her more than the traditional fare that young girls watched. Jo Young thinks he needs a doctor. Well, we are back and The King: Eternal Monarch episode 13 was truly nerve-racking until that twist at the end.Let’s break this down. Super will devote itself to make sure you’re fully informed about each episode, so Super’s Ruel S. De Vera and Ruth L. Navarra will recap and break down every episode for you as soon as it comes out. This is the final straw which pushes Tae-eul to consider what she had thought was impossible. A truck strikes Detective Kang's car. AllThingsHallyu where we will be talking about everything korean. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. SUB The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 2 9 months ago. Lee Gon asks if Prince Buyeong is loyal to him or not. Then time stops for a moment just as a huge wave crashes against the rocks. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. He flashes to moments with Tae Eul. She asks the processor how long for the badge. Lee Gon gives him something he wants Prince Buyeong to solve. He didn’t believe Lee Gon about the parallel world, time stopping, etc. He believes time portal is being used. They think of each other. Great moment. The secretary wonders if he’s involved with Prime Minister Goo allowing that she’s pretty. She assures the boy everything is okay. Shin Jae asks where the guy with the horse went. Court Lady Noh exits the room. Thanks to him holding part of the flute he’s immune to its effects. Na Ri points out it is a cold drink. Stuffing the money back into the purse, his mother defends her gaming. Overcoming addiction is not an easy feat. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. He says his dreams are sweeter now. The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6 Recap COREA Kim informs Koo that the King’s helicopter has landed on the Ku building. Prime Minister Goo Seo Ryung (Jung Eun Chae) arrives at the palace and demands to see the king. Lee Gon says he returned to his world. ( Log Out /  Nobody in either world believed Lee Gon about the existence of a parallel world … until Tae Eul, when she arrived in Corea … will she stop scowling at Gon with that knowledge❓⁉️ I suspect Young will be the next to believe Gon … he did see Gon’s shoulder light up … will seeing Tae Eul make the difference or will he need to travel to Korea to believe❓⁉️ Will Tae Eul’s shoulder also light up when lightening strikes❓⁉️, At last there was build up of chemistry between Gon and Tae Eul. Lee Gon stands in front the library. Admit it, when you heard that Friday was not going to produce an episode you felt like a part of you was missing. Lee Gon asks why Prime Minister Goo came in person when he requested written reports this week. Tae Eul walks the bamboo forest. Undoubtably he is targeting Prince Buyeong. He tells Jo Young to approach. At last there was build up of chemistry between Gon and Tae Eul Tae Eul puts on a navy blazer. Tae Eul couldn’t stop thinking and wondering about Lee Gon’s claims. But I do notice more and more (including Dramabeans) people alphabetize lists including the pre designators (probably not the right term for them) of “A”, “An” and “The”. He knows Prince Buyeong had to give up his family for his role. Tae-Eul heads back in to the station and realizes the dates for her replacement card coincides with what she’s been told by Lee Gon. Still keeping up a certain level of defense, Tae Eul was willing to follow her heart and go with Lee Gon. He warns Shin Jae that if he pursues this, his mother will be arrested like all of them. She was shocked when Lee Gon called but she couldn’t stay away. Tae Eul says she must be crazy. She’s in the bamboo forest. Realizing this may fit with the prophetic narrative, this is reinforced further in the form of the Corean notes, which she learns are actually real and water-marked. Shin Jae exits listening to his mother begging him not to do this. Lee Gon leads her out of the room. Yeong is notified that Seo-ryung has landed at the helipad unannounced. Lee Gon says she can’t utter his name in the world, so he didn’t tell it. The minion declares he doesn’t like books. Ads; Update; 2019… Kingdom of Corea…, Lee Gon stares at Tae Eul’s badge. I felt chemistry! Lee Gon losses his collar when he remembers Lee Rim holding the magic flute at his throat and cutting him. He dismisses her. Dramas reviews, k-pop & all the latest news. Prince Buyeong ponders the autopsy report. Tae Eul informs her she’s under arrest. How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. She recalls that is the date of the badge Lee Gon has. He goes to make another but is interrupted with news the prime minister has landed. The uniformed officers arrive. When that doesn’t work, she promises it is the last time. She says that not everyone is brave, so she decided to be. She wonders if Prince Buyeong is okay with this. She worries that Prime Minister Goo has a mole in the palace. She thanks him and takes the flash drive with the recordings. Prime Minister Goo hears the report about a government company. Prince Buyeong opens the papers and sees Lee Rim’s autopsy report. Episode 15 of The King:Eternal Monarch begins during the altered first meeting with Tae-Eul as she throws her arms around Lee-Gon. The moments in the bamboo forest before and after the time travel had this couple start to jell. The tables have turned, and now it’s our hero’s turn to show off his world. He says his counterpart runs a bookstore in the other world. Two men… Lee Gon says he was in a different location where the study has plenty of light. At the office she considers the evidence board of Lee San Do’s murder (aka the body in the trunk).

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