Scientific Name: Aulonocara sp. Sale. - 10x Sunshine peacock cichlids about 2-2.25. Compatibility: Victorian Haps, Malawi Haps, Malawi Peacocks, Synodontis. Closed Australia Day. (Apache) Aulonocara sp. They will lay claim to a small piece of territory that provides them adequate feeding opportunities. In a home aquarium you should expect a male Peacock Cichlid to grow to around 6 inches long, with females being slightly smaller. This tank picture looks better than 92.37% of tank pictures in this category. Adult Size: 5 - 6'' Compatibility: Mild to moderately aggressive. Size. Sexing Peacock cichlids are maternal mouth brooders; the females take care of the eggs and fry. We have something to suit every fish keeper from the first timer to the most experienced enthusiast or breeder. Aulonocara Firefish are brilliant red cichlids that we recommend for all peacock cichlid tanks., Clown Loaches, Featherfin Catfish, Cuckoo Catfish, Bristlenose Catfish, Plecos, Ghost Knives. We have experienced aquarium fish breeders with the main focus on African Cichlids, particularly Lake Malawi Cichlids. Red Peacock – Aulonocara stuartgranti “Chipoka”, Eureka Red Peacock – Aulonocara jacobfreibergi, Power just went off. Conspecific aggression towards males of the same or similar species. Home › Firefish Peacock "Dragon Blood" Aulonocara African Cichlid. West African cichlids include Kribensis and Jewel Cichlids. Category: Freshwater Fish. Aulonocara sp. Our Red Dragons can get to 7" and need a hearty pellet to keep them satisfied. The average size of a male peacock cichlid is roughly 6 inches, with females typically maxing out at 4 inches. They make great additions for a cichlid setup for their bright colours and minimal aggression in the aquarium. This tank picture looks better than 92.34% of tank pictures in this category. The Aulonocara sp. Males feature a “pointed” and slightly longer dorsal fin and anal fin. Open Monday. When we list a size, it is the minimum size that is currently being offered. Peacock Cichlids are generally found living where the rocky shoreline transitions into the more sandy substrate of the lake bottom. Aquarium Central is an exciting online and walk in retail Aquarium store conveniently located just off the highway in Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast QLD. Power just went off. pH: 7.5-8.8Care: ModerateMax Size: 6"-7" Temperament: Semi Aggressive Growth rate: Moderate to Fast Minimum Tank Size: 75 Gallons Tank Mates: Peacock a Rob, Dumbo Longfin Betta arrived today. He's definitely 6 inches. x Aulonocara sp. What type of algae do. Asking 6 each. My four inch Blood Orange/Dragon Blood cichlid that is king of the tank and actively goes out of his way to be my 3 inch JB Peacock's worst nightmare. Depending on the species, possible color schemes can include blue, yellow, gold, and orange. Peacocks Aulonocara sp. Country: United States. Hardness : Moderate to Hard. Photos. Back on @ 5.30pm. Not bad, Enjoy this article about dreaded algae in the aquarium !!! This is a beautiful line bred species that produces very vibrant red with white faces. They could be found in dark orange, true pink, and a combination of both. Scientific Name: Aulonocara Common Name(s): Origin: Line Bred Strain Diet: Carnivore Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder Temperament: Peaceful Conspecific Temperament: Mildly Aggressive Maximum Size: 6" pH: 7.2-8.6 Water Hardness: Hard Difficulty: 2 Family: Peacock Firefish (Dragon Blood) Next Aulonocara Sp. Females will have more rounded fins. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Enjoy this article about dreaded algae in the aquarium !!! Description: fire fish. Description: This hybrid is variety of Sunburst Peacock that was selected for its dark blue coloring. The average brooding period is 3 weeks after which the female releases her fry. Tank Size: 125 gallons. Tank Mate Options: Aulonocara sp. Country: United States. The Dragon Blood Peacock is a very popular cichlid. Remarks: The Albino Dragon Blood, also known as Fire Fish or Strawberry Peacock, is a hybrid, but its origins are unknown. Back on @ 5.30pm. Maximum Size : 15cm / 6 inches. The average brooding period is 3 weeks after which the female releases her fry. Family : Cichlidae. Firefish Black Eye Peacock (aulonocara Sp.) Tank Size: 125 gallons. Pictured above: a young premium quality Lake Malawi Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid in one of our aquariums, when one of us snapped this picture. Common Name: Dragon Blood. Female 3.5-4.5” proven females Your Spot For Everything Cichlid! Stay cool folks. Colors will vary from light orange to bright red. Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlids make a good addition to most any community Lake Malawi aquarium, as they will generally get along with most other Lake Malawi species. This beautiful fish goes by many names a couple of them are Dragon Blood, and Gold Peacock. No one is quite sure how this fish came to be. Firefish Peacock "Dragon Blood" Aulonocara African Cichlid. yellow, the varieties include: blue, red, marble, dragon blood, eureka red, sulphur crested, albino and jacobfreibergi.