Lv 4. Where Is Siberia? Parts of Russia are within the Arctic Circle, and conditions in the northern part of the country are incredibly harsh. 1 decade ago. The Finnish Lapland, the most northern region of the country, has a population density of 2 inhabitants per square kilometre. Thanks to Yermak's having explored all the main river routes in West Siberia , Russians successfully reclaimed all … Siberia sprawls over the majority of northern and western Russia and consumes over half of the country's land mass. No, firstly, Siberia is not a country and it cannot be member of EU. Life in Siberia is not simple, it’s harsh. Located in Russia – Not everyone knows that Siberia is a part of the territory of the Russian Federation (and most of it). “Siberia is a wardrobe problem,” remarks Olga Rimaeva, a round-faced babushka descended from seventeenth-century Polish exiles: too hot in summer, too cold in winter. But people still live here. Lv 7. 1 0. 1 0. Siberia is a geographical region of Russia, and Russia is not part of the EU. Angel Allen. › lifestyle › 329357-10-awkward-questions-siberia siberia is not a country nor is a big region in Russia. Yermak's Cossacks had to withdraw from Siberia completely, but every year new bands of hunters and adventurers, supported by Moscow, poured into the country. It is region part of the country of Russia. Julian Cribb. And her innumerable riches may not have been heard, and about the beauties, and the importance for the country. Harsh climate, cold in winter and hot in summer, vast distances and permafrost – some of it seems unthinkable for a man. While Russia is the largest country (in geographic area) in the world, if Siberia was removed from it and made an independent country Siberia alone would still be the largest country in the world. Kevin7. However, without special secrets and peculiarities of the Siberian world order, life in Siberia … siberia is neither a country or is a region in Russia. But Lapland has tourism and stuff like that, it's not like it is a wasteland. In winter, temperatures drop to below 60 degrees F. The Siberian region of Russia … Countries from Siberia to Australia are burning: the age of fire is the bleakest warning yet. The vast expanses of Siberia would provide not just room for China's huddled masses, now squeezed into the coastal half of their country by the mountains … 0 0. saveduwhales. According to Wikipedia, Siberia has a population density of 3 inhabitants per square kilometre. This article is more than 9 months old. neither its a region in northern Russia. 1 0. Verkhoyansk, Russia is the coldest inhabited city in the world. 1 decade ago. 1 decade ago.